Leading international expert Matt Friedman’s new TEDx Talk on human trafficking is out. Must watch for journalists & for anyone interested in learning more about trafficking and modern slavery:

Human trafficking is a global concern affecting millions of people. Many have horrific tales, whilst others may never get the chance to speak out. After encountering first-hand trafficked victims on the streets of Nepal as a public health officer, Matt Friedman dedicated the next 25 years to anti-trafficking activism and fundraising. He asks how we can change attitudes to human trafficking, get more people involved and bring an end to slavery in the modern era.

Friedman is an international human trafficking expert with experience as a manager, program designer, evaluator, and front-line responder. He is currently CEO of The Mekong Club, an organization made up of Hong Kong-based private sector business leaders who have joined forces to help fight human trafficking in Asia.

Friedman is also co-founder of the 852 Freedom Campaign in Hong Kong. This campaign raises hundreds of thousands of dollars for vetted NGOs in the region that work together & supports new initiatives and media projects that help end modern day slavery.