The Powerful Impact of a Sweatshop Simulation: Walking in their Shoes

“I own you! I own your time! You will do what I say!” 

What if you had to do boring, tedious, repetitive work each day for 14 hours without pay?  What if this was your life? What if all your hopes and dreams were stolen from you?  

These were the questions I posed to the 50 parent and student teams that participated in CNN’s #MyFreedomDay Sweatshop Challenge. These teams were challenged to put nuts on bolts for an hour to “walk in the shoes of a potential human trafficking victim.” Check out the outcome.   

Every day, more than 25,000 people become victims of human trafficking.  There are over 40 million people languishing in modern slavery worldwide. 

Watch the video.  Try it yourself.  Be a part of the solution.  Educate your networks and community.  Join CNN’s student-led day of action to #endslavery. 

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Here’s the CNN story on their website: