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‘Comfort Women’

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Our Remember ‘Comfort Women’ Campaign brochure that was produced by youth in 2015:

Remember ‘Comfort Women’ Campaign

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Get the book here:  Silenced No More: Voices of ‘Comfort Women’

Our film Healing River about Japanese military sex slavery survivors in China & a Japanese team that said sorry to survivors. About the power of an apology. We are still waiting for a sincere official apology that brings healing to survivors from the Japanese government. This film, originally 30 minutes, was aired on the largest TV channel in China:


My articles can also be found in the ‘Comfort Women’ category of this website:


The Globe and Mail:—at-the-very-least—a-real-apology/article28128009/


Reconciliation cannot wait for the ‘comfort women’ victims:

Book excerpt in Ricepaper magazine in Canada:

Chinese media:

Other articles will be posted over time.


Thank you Mayor Breed for standing with the ‘comfort women’ statue in San Francisco. Breed said the Chinatown memorial has significance because it “is a symbol of the struggle faced by all women who have been, and are currently, forced to endure the horrors of enslavement and sex trafficking. These victims deserve our respect and this memorial reminds us all of events and lessons we must never forget.”

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