Help be the change in healing our world. Now more than ever with the Covid-19 pandemic, climate change, modern day slavery and other global issues that threaten the lives of millions of people, we need everyone to help.

Get the book here: (All book profits will go to the Be the Hero Campaign’s corona virus efforts)

Matt Friedman’s book, Be the Hero: Be the Change, will inspire and uplift readers with his stories of optimism, resilience and redemption from over 30 years of frontline experience in Asia. In these times of hardship, this book offers a silver lining that each of us has the power to make a difference.

Imagine when millions of small acts are multiplied – it could change our communities.

Matthew Friedman, Author of Be the Hero: Be the Change

Friedman’s call to action is this: identify a cause that you are passionate about, accept responsibility for it, surrender, and then step up to get involved. By motivating and training you to serve, he offers a new sense of purpose and meaning for your life. This book will equip you to better understand the importance of these global issues and is a step-by-step guide to becoming an everyday hero. 

This new book is a part of the new global Be the Hero Campaign. Our motto is small acts of love when multiplied can change our world. The global Covid-19 crisis gave us a push to launch this campaign.

Read and share our Volunteer Toolkit on how to help others during this pandemic – DOWNLOAD HERE (Toolkit for students will be shared soon)

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This Vlog by Matt Friedman explains how everyone can unite and change our world. If 100,000 people step up to help, we will see a visible, measurable imapct.

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