Sylvia Yu Friedman & Matthew Friedman

Award-Winning Filmmakers, Speakers, Authors, and Experts on Modern Slavery


Matthew S. Friedman is the author of 13 books:

Dancing in the Light of the Moon (Novel 2022):

Where Were You? A Profile of Modern Slavery (Penguin Random House):

Sylvia Yu (also known as Sylvia Yu Friedman) is the author of 3 books:

A Long Road to Justice (Penguin Random House):

Silenced No More: Voices of ‘Comfort Women’ and ‘Heart and Soul and The Life Story of Pastor Augustus Chao (2002).

Get the book on “comfort women” here:  Silenced No More: Voices of Comfort Women


CNN opinion article by Sylvia Yu under her pen name “S.J. Friedman”:
“We need to also learn from this chapter of history. This form of exploitation and abuse didn’t end with World War II. It continues today, in Iraq and Syria, where women are enslaved in armed conflicts.’

CNN News Stream with Kristie Lu Stout: Harrowing stories of sex slavery during WW2

SCMP Book review by Tessa Chan:
“Friedman has made a valuable effort to address what remains a universal problem: she points out that today nearly 36 million victims of human trafficking suffer in silence as victims of sex slavery or forced labour. While some may consider it incendiary, the most important message to take from this book is one of hope for peace.”

TIME OUT magazine Book review:
“Local author and philanthropist SJ Friedman talks to Hannah Hodson about an issue often overlooked when remembering the horrors of World War II. In her book Silenced No More: Voices of Comfort Women, she weaves together the harrowing stories of women forced into sex slavery during the Japanese occupation. A former journalist working in Canada, Beijing and Hong Kong, she has dedicated 10 years to travelling the world and meeting with survivors and activists for her gut-wrenching book.’

SCMP article: Time running out to hear comfort women’s stories, says Hong Kong author
‘Their horrific stories made a deep impact on the former human rights reporter and motivated her to write a book. “It’s an issue of historical memory,” she said, noting how many Japanese students in past generations never learned about the brothels. “So my goal is to lay a foundation of truth so that we can begin a reconciliation process.”‘ quoted S.J. Friedman: South Korea, Japan reach agreement on ‘comfort women’

S.J. Friedman’s interview on RTHK’s Morning Brew with Phil Whelan:

Apple Daily (Largest Chinese newspaper in Hong Kong):

Creation TV story (Chinese TV channel):

KR Times newspaper (Chinese newspaper):

Inspiring Woman Leader Spotlight of Friedman by Megan Foo:

The Straits Times newspaper (Singapore): Helping to bring reconciliation to comfort women

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