*As of December 22, due to my book writing schedule, I will not be able to carry out this project*

Public Health Project

I am coordinating a pilot test of interactive health education DVDs to be used in the developing world context. Testing and evaluation of the product is necessary before large scale distribution and use.

Thare Machi Education (TME) produced these DVDs and translated them into multiple languages for use in 12 countries. TME will be distributing these DVDs free of charge or at a minimal cost. The DVD set covers 28 community and personal basic health issues including HIV/AIDS, hygiene, immunization, nutrition, etc.

TME is a charity that provides education for women and children in the developing world using modern technology.  www.tme.org.uk 

Thank you Thare Machi Education for investing time and resources into translating the DVDs into Mandarin!  Visual communication is a powerful way to convey vital health information to rural people, many of whom are illiterate.

Some staff of an NGO in southern China regularly use drama in an outdoor variety show to teach villagers about HIV/AIDS (photo below). Some of the villagers I spoke with afterwards said they had learned something new about the spread of the disease.

Stigma hurdle in China

A few villagers expressed that they didn’t realize that one cannot be infected with AIDS by merely shaking hands with someone who is HIV positive. This is a common belief among rural populations, hence there is a lot of stigma and people are afraid to get tested or share publicly if they are infected.

Combating stigma is one of the greatest challenges for non-profits and government service providers working in HIV prevention education in China.

Dai people in a Yunnan province village enjoy the dramas with a HIV prevention message.
Dai people in a Yunnan province village enjoy the dramas with a HIV prevention message.