He is no fool who gives up what he cannot keep to gain what he cannot lose.” – Jim Elliot

After two back to back trips to Tokyo and Hong Kong, I am resting and reflecting now. As I let go, and dive into the deep, greater things are unfolding in ways that are beyond my expectations.

Now I’m gearing up for my next trip. I will be in cave mode for the next long while. In a beautiful and peaceful place.

Thank you Dr. Yoshimi Yoshiaki for giving me two days of interview time. I admire your insights and compassion. And I think you are the Martin Luther King Junior of Japan. While you’re an academic and not as expressive as MLK who was a pastor, but you are fighting for justice and anti-discrimination like MLK did. 

Interesting thing is that you’re from the side of the ‘oppressors’ (the Japanese government refuses to acknowledge crimes against humanity – ie. sex slavery system known as comfort women, biological warfare victims etc – committed before and during WWII) and MLK was a voice for the oppressed. I’m glad that you laughed and smiled when I mentioned that comparison because I hope that deep down you were encouraged about your selfless work.

Two whirlwind trips and so much to process. I am grateful to have met many kindred spirits and new friends these past few weeks. I’ll post photos from Japan later.

Here’s one from my last SW China trip:

Drug addicts live in tents by the river along the Myanmar-China border. Those are used needles on the ground.