My dear friend Timothy Chung sent to me a most precious email the other week. He sent a poem from a book called “Stream in the Desert” (I have not read this book myself).

I want to share this with you – hope you are inspired by the beauty in these words:

My life was like an uncut gem
All rough and angles sharp,
Its brilliance dimmed as by a veil
No gleam or sheen, all dark.
But the Master’s hand worked miracles,
Each pain and woe or trial or test
A facet cut upon my soul,
He watched the work and blest.
And even when it seemed to me
No other facet could He add
That pain and suffering had wrought
A gleam and sheen that made Him glad.
Still other processes there were
To polish, and the gem to set,
For now, become a gleaming jewel rare,
I must be made ready for His service yet.