What does it mean to be recklessly abandoned to God? to something?

I’ve been reflecting on this since last night.

I feel I’ve had a breakthrough in my soul.

Do you find yourself when you truly lose yourself?

I find that when I do abandon myself to God, I am more clear-headed and free of any of the distractions that could pull me down. (BTW, I have always been treading a fine line concerning how much of my faith do I share publicly, since I live in China where religious affiliation especially Christianity is regarded as a sensitive issue).

To live beyond yourself, to be free of self, is the kind of life I want to aspire to. I’m not there yet.

Transcending self and discovering a sense of purpose is also true for the heroes I’ve met in China who work with AIDS orphans, who rescue trafficked women and drug addicts and who empower the destitute.

~Organization called Mother’s Heart that cares for AIDS orphans. It was started by an amazing woman named Cheryl Wilkins:  http://mothersheartchina.org

~Organization called Eden that rescues and rehabilitates trafficked women in China. An unusually courageous modern day abolitionist named Lisa S pioneered Eden: http://www.edenchina.org/Eden/Welcome.html