It’s 1-11-11. We’ll never have another day, month or year like this again. They say that 1111 stands for transition or right alignment or re-alignment. It’s true of my life.

2011 is indeed a big year for transition. I can feel it in my bones. What I’m expecting: more work on social justice projects, more writing and re-writing, connecting different nations, producing films, immersion into all things Israel & the Middle East! learning Japanese and picking up Mandarin again…

There’s so much more I wanna say but you’ll have to wait until it all unfolds.

It’s a year for lotsa traveling. Last year was a year of rest. Thank God for chill seasons. I had traveled so much in 2008/2009 that if I had seen the insides of an airport even twice in a month in 2010, I would have been sick to my stomach.

This was on my friend's facebook. I want to paint something similiar this year, perhaps written in Chinese.