I feel chubby. My sister says it’s a good thing since I look like a bean pole with a long neck (her very words).

I am in food heaven. I didn’t think I could find another place in the Middle Kingdom that beats Yunnan, but this province I’m in, could very well take the cake. The dish I’m enamored with is nicknamed “BBQ grandma” and it’s a potato noodle with some fried chips scattered throughout. Yum! (I ordered this at every lunch and dinner! it became an inside joke among us)

“BBQ Grandma” dish unique to Shanxi











The people here are so very nice and down to earth… kind of like the Midwest of China.

I’ll do the big reveal and will let you know the location in a few days after I post the photos! It’s been mind-blowing… everything from the filming to the people we’re meeting… extraordinary souls.

With “Nai nai” (grandma in Chinese) – isn’t she adorable?
Nai nai – I call her the joyful grandma