Megan Foo is a talented young woman studying at UPenn and I feel honored to be featured in her blog of inspirational women. Thank you Megan for all you do!  Follow her blog here:

Women LEAD

324eb9e Sylvia Friedman

Sylvia Friedman is a Hong Kong-based Canadian journalist, book author, documentary producer and advisor to philanthropists. She has won multiple awards for her work, including the International Human Rights Press Award (TV Special Merit) in 2013 for her series on slavery and human trafficking in China, Hong Kong and Thailand. Dedicated to anti-trafficking initiatives and activism, Sylvia founded the 852 Freedom Campaign, a campaign focused on mobilizing people in Hong Kong to end global sex trafficking and slavery. Since 2005, she has directed more than US$9 million to humanitarian and non-governmental organizations and projects that have impacted at least 1 million people.

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