How time flies: I was in Nanjing this week last year to celebrate the opening of a new ‘comfort women’ museum organized by the government. Local TV media interview in the photo above.

Here is my post from Facebook on Dec 3, 2015:

T’was a wonderful trip to Nanjing to attend the opening of the historic new museum on military sex slavery “comfort women”. We met and dined with children of survivors. I had a tender moment at lunch after the opening with the deputy museum director where he cried after tears rolled uncontrollably down my face. This man truly cares about the survivors & their families. Turns out we met back in 2004 when I first came to Nanjing for research.

The museum is very moving. I was also deeply struck by how the Korean girls and women were dragged & trafficked to China and here I flew in on my own accord, as a privileged Korean Canadian woman. What contrast.

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Only a dozen people were invited in addition to the government officials. My film co-producer Chui Mai & I felt very honored to be there. Around 10-12 media interviewed me at the museum about my book.

We also spoke at a junior high school, showed the Healing River film and many students prayed for forgiveness for racism & hate towards Japanese for War crimes. It was a powerful trip and a miraculous open door that we were invited!