I have just found out that I made the 2017 Top 100 Human Trafficking & Slavery Influence Leaders List. It’s interesting timing as I was just wondering why am I taking the road less traveled, juggling so many different projects as a freelancer and independent filmmaker while trying to write another book and finish my screenplay and research a tech start-up idea (in short, I work around the clock).

It’s not easy to deal with different editors at different media companies who have vastly different expectations. And I only began writing long-form print stories this past February to boot (I’m a TV/radio journalist!).

So thank you to Assent Compliance Inc for placing me at #13, ahead of Ashton Kutcher who’s done amazing work, and including me on this list with so many other wonderful individuals pioneering in this justice work.

My husband Matt Friedman, one of the leading experts on human trafficking, is my #1 inspiration every day, and encourages me to keep exposing human trafficking & slavery. Now back to the North Korean slave laborers story that I’m working on….

See the list here: https://www.assentcompliance.com/human-trafficking-slavery/top-100/

Here’s a link to some of my print stories, my TV news documentaries are not included: https://muckrack.com/sylvia-friedman-yu

Featured art above of the slave boy is by award-winning artist Jasmine Chiu who’s based in Hong Kong and is the founder of Artists for Freedom, under the 852 Freedom Campaign.