I’ve been busy film producing and writing over the last several months.  Here’s my recent IG post:

Honoured to speak and teach first year students on the issue of ‘comfort women’ (sex slavery by the Japanese military before and after WWII) & the great grassroots efforts of Christian Japanese and the need to bring healing and closure to this chapter of history.

Since the fall of 2015, I’ve spoken at more than 60 events, classes, school assemblies on this human rights violation.


(Instagram photo – above)

Thanks to a talented & committed professor Phoebe Man who invited me. Phoebe has raised awareness about “comfort women” in Hong Kong and Taiwan.

As I see more and experience more of life and different cultures, I’m fully convinced that education is the key to social change through changing lives then ultimately this changes nations. Better to start at the primary school level before minds are fully formed… but college students are fertile minds with the energy to match and a unique ability to change the world. #happiness #educationiskey