SLAVE HUSBANDS OF HONG KONG are the men who are forced into bonded labor through marriage migration. Vulnerable men from India and Pakistan and other South Asian nations are being deceived into arranged marriages and trafficked to Hong Kong where they work as bonded laborers and indentured servants for their in-laws. They are too fearful and ashamed to speak out or escape.

The link above features the story of one “Slave husband” from Pakistan:
In the global anti-slavery movement, a large number of South Asian men are trafficked and tricked into indentured servitude or exploited due to heavy debt bondage.  More spotlight needs to be on South Asian men in slavery.
They get the least amount of attention and resources, and I hope we can convince others to focus on this important group. Men in South Asian cultures are the cornerstone of families and their stability strengthens society.
Slavery in marriages and through marriage migration happens everywhere.  My friend “P” from the South Asian community in Canada told me there are many “Slave bride” cases in the nation. She said:
“I know of cases especially in Sikh community where women get married here after having to pay large dowries, household stuff, large tv, etc. They go through painful lives, everything they make goes to the mother who is the head of the house. The girl works outside all day and comes home to make dinner or does it early in the morning before she leaves for work, this happened in Abbotsford when we lived there. We even heard a gunshot in the middle of the night. Many tragedies have happened: they are killed, burnt. And the man marries another woman. It is sickening! God have mercy on these people.”
My articles on Ashraf’s story (he’s featured in the Slave Groom film) and on “Slave grooms”:
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