852 Freedom Campaign Report on Child Trafficking and Underage Prostitution in Hong Kong.

DOWNLOAD REPORT here: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1Rjs_j0WCMHSbwzJa1uL-881RhrCweRJ0/view?usp=sharing

Child trafficking is a serious global problem.

“This report examines two inter-related problems in Hong Kong: child trafficking and underage prostitution. Both of these areas involve children, defined by the UN Convention on the Rights of the Child as anyone under the age of 18. However, the two issues are distinct. Not all child trafficking is related to underage prostitution, because child trafficking can be for non-sex work like domestic service. Some Hong Kong teenagers practice ‘compensated dating’, where they offer dating and sexual services in return for money and gifts, but they were born in Hong Kong and hence might not have been trafficked.

Nonetheless, compensated dating facilitates the prostitution of Hong Kong children and makes them vulnerable to trafficking, according to a US State Department Trafficking in Persons Report 2015. Child trafficking and underage prostitution are related, as children can be trafficked into and through Hong Kong to work as prostitutes.”