Message from The Mekong Club:

Modern slavery is a part of our global economy. 

Children are working in garment factories, making the clothes we wear. Women are harvesting the vegetables we eat, without pay and sexually assaulted if they complain. Young men are tricked into debt bondage and locked in construction sites at night. A staggering 40 million people are trapped in modern slavery worldwide. This is one of the most important social issues of our time – and one that we have the power to change with your help. 

The Mekong Club works alongside the private sector to address modern slavery. We believe that this approach has the greatest chance of impact – and that the private sector is a powerful ally in the fight for a world without slaves. 

We focus on systemic change, tackling the root causes of modern slavery to permanently break the cycle that is trapping millions in exploitation. We collaborate because we know that we are stronger when we work together rather than when we “name and shame” one another. We harness people power because we know that it is individual decisions that have the biggest impact.

We develop innovative tools that improve the lives of the most vulnerable people among us. We spread awareness and educate others: this year we reached over 15,000 people in 15 countries. We train and equip companies with resources that support their anti-slavery efforts. 

Our work has had a direct impact on modern slavery across Asia, but we seek to do more. To take our projects to scale and expand our reach we now need your help.

This Holiday Season, please consider helping us to offer trafficked persons a chance to lead safe, happy and productive lives. 

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Rescued slave laborers in a location in S.E. Asia.