Dear friends,

We are very grateful to be productive during the pandemic years. Despite feeling trapped in Hong Kong and unable to fly anywhere, we celebrate our new season, a harvest season of convergence.

Matt has been busy with his Zoom speaking gigs to banks and corporations on ESG and on modern slavery, with his Mekong Club work, his involvement with Rotary International and his coaching executives and students who want to transition to roles in the humanitarian sector. Please message us if you want to know more.

I’ve (Sylvia) been connecting people from the past and present in different continents and working on some philanthropy strategies as well as helping to raise funds for a start up. In this convergence season of new doors and connections, we hope to help transform our world into a better place — see Matt’s Be the Hero: Be the Change book. Schools are buying Matt’s Be the Hero book for their global citizenships classes and volunteer programs.

My memoir, A Long Road to Justice will be published this September 14th and Matt’s memoir, Where Were You? will be released this November.

We’ll share more information as it’s confirmed. We’ve been engaged in an editing process. Our films are also moving ahead. Soli deo Gloria!

In recent months, we’ve been interviewing for mainstream media and podcasts on Matt’s latest book, Storytelling: the Art of Inspirational Public Speaking, our upcoming books and other topics. See the links are below to our recent Podcast Interview with Linh, a lovely finance professional in Vietnam.

The Latest from The Mekong Club

CLICK HERE to read a White Paper that Matt and a working group contributed to: Amplifying the “S” in ESG: Investor Myth Buster.

The social aspect of ESG, the “S”, is becoming increasingly significant to investors and the public, while a growing number of companies are putting more business focus on addressing social themes such as inclusion, labour standards, modern day slavery in supply chains, health and safety, human capital, culture, and well-being. The challenges around clear global reporting standards and consistent global data are already well articulated but are more extensive in social themes.

The paper aims to debunk five common myths related to the “S” in ESG and provide practical calls to action on how to strengthen social metrics in investment management.

Our Podcast interviews:

Hear our interviews on Google podcasts for Android HERE.

It’s on Apple Podcasts too. Sylvia’s interview HERE. Matt’s interview HERE.

Linh of the Insight podcast in Vietnam’s website: