BY MATTHEW FRIEDMAN – Michael is a superb conversationalist and I’m grateful to speak with him again on his #SOCIALINNOVATION PODCAST. He’s one of the leading podcasters in Asia. We chatted this time about my dream of a global volunteer movement called the Be the Hero: Be the Change Campaign. 

From coronavirus to climate change, we can all do small heroic things to help heal our world. The only way to solve the big issues of our time is for ordinary people to step up as #volunteers and get involved. 

Take a listen to our podcast interview here:

Here’s the link to our first Podcast chat from April 2021:

Michael Waitze’s Podcast Post on his chat with Matt:

The #SocialInnovation#Podcast was excited to welcome Matthew Friedman, the CEO of The Mekong Club, back to the show. The Mekong Club is a catalyst for change, inspiring and engaging the private sector to lead in the fight against modern slavery.

Some of the topics we discussed this time around:

– How Corporate Social Responsibility led to #ESG
– Why institutions now must include Purpose along with Profit, Growth, and Prestige
– ESG offers an objective way of measurement
– For ESG measurement to become as effective as possible, there has to be more standardization
– #Investment companies are also taking notice as ESG investment significantly outperforms
– Paul Ark (Polapat Arkkrapridi) and Gobi Partners
– #Pollution, access to #cleanwater#forcedlabor#humanslavery, and #NGOs
– Understanding invisibility
– Velleity
– The Starfish on the Beach
– Read Matthew Friedman’s book – Be the Hero: Be the Change

Other titles we considered for this episode:

1) Are You Doing Right By the World?
2) We All Have to Step Up and Get Involved Somehow
3) Go to Where Your Heart Drives You
4) The Reality Is That There Is an Imbalance
5) There Really Is a Yearning Within People to Want to Do Something
6) It Really Does Feel Good
7) We All Need to Do Something