Blog Post about our U.S. National Speaking Tour, Road to Freedom

Seattle is a city known for its generosity and innovation and is a growing global tech hub.seattle_kerry_park.png

Matt spoke at two tech giants in this “Emerald city”– several people told us that it was “impossible” to get a foot in the door into these companies. Indeed it is very difficult. But we believe there are caring people in these places that can use their influence and generous spirit to effect social change on behalf of the most marginalised and voiceless slaves.  We are believing in the impossibles to happen on this Road to Freedom. In recent months, suddenly doors to presidents of countries, Hollywood celebrities, US Senators have been opened and continue to open for Matt Friedman.

Matt also interviewed on several TV, radio and print media outlets, thanks to the generous assistance from Jim, the director of Crime Stoppers in this region. (Photo of Jim below, on the left. Matt is on the right)FullSizeRender

There has been a terrible increase in trafficking of girls and women into the sex industry recently, according to my Seattle-based physician friend, Dr. Nelson Chiu. May there be an end to this exploitation. Check out this article on the issue.

On June 20th, Monday night, philanthropy advisors Heather and her husband Eric, a lovely influential couple, hosted us at their beautiful home. Our lawyer friend Andy and a well known local restauranteur connected us. Several local NGOs, medical professionals and those involved in philanthropy and international charities joined us on this memorable night (photos below).


We drive to Portland, a city known for its arts and culture, and hipster cool. Then on to San Francisco! Thank you for following along with us!

Leave a message here if you have any tips or connections to corporations along our route.