Mt. Shasta. On our way to Sacramento from Oregon.

Blog post about our Road to Freedom national speaking tour across the U.S.

By Sylvia:  We’re meeting a group of Hollywood filmmakers soon in Sausalito. Excited to hear of their latest work on human trafficking and modern slavery. Every effort counts and the media is a strategic & powerful tool to get the message of slavery awareness out to the masses.

Our Road Trip into the unknown

By Matt:  In the pursuit of justice, there are countless potential entry points. Over the past 27 years, I have tried many different things. Some have worked well, some have been less successful and some have gone down dead ends. This abolitionist road trip Sylvia and I are taking is another step forward on a completely new and different path. Our hope is that this journey will offer a voice for the 45.8 million voiceless slaves throughout the world. If, through this effort, we can get the businesses, churches, schools, and libraries to all step up and take a stand on this important issue, we will have done our job. The contributions don’t have to be big. Even the smallest kind, compassionate gesture adds up when combined with many others. A collective response could make all the difference. There are few things in life more important and essential than our COLLECTIVE freedom.   By Matt Friedman.


Sunflower field at one of our gas station stops.